How Can You Make Money On YouTube


Can you make money on YouTube and if yes then how to & how much money you can make on YouTube. This is the questions asked by many people who wants to make money online.
YouTube is the second largest search engine, 48 hrs of videos are being uploaded every minute and more then 2 billions of daily views YouTube receives. There are more interesting facts and stats about YouTube traffic which you can check here. So much potential and so much opportunities but where exactly the income opportunities lies in the YouTube & how can you make big money on YouTube? Not 1 or 2 but we’ll explain you here 5 completely different methods to make money from YouTube.

So Can You Make Money on Tubes & How Much?

The obvious answer is yes. You can really make lots of money on YouTube. But not many people are utilizing this facts into a cash generating opportunity. Just because, many people who create and upload videos does not have proper idea on this topic and many people don’t know how to create a video that can earn them cash. How much money can you make on YouTube depends on the number of factors like which method you want to make, your working skills, your resources and many other.

How to Make Money on YouTube?

As I am talking about YouTube, you must understand, you need to upload videos in order to make money through YouTube. This must be some original videos and not the copied from  other YouTube users and video sharing sites. Don’t worry, but creating a video is very simple and it does not take much time to create your own videos.  You can create a video with mobile camera or a camcorder and if you don’t have either, you can buy one for this. And if you want to record your computer screen, then you can either use Camtasia or Expression Encoder. So if you are ready to create a video and make money by uploading this on YouTube then just go through these 5 simple and different ways to make money from YouTube.

Make Money By Becoming a YouTube Partner

This is one of the best way to make money on YouTube. Read here some of the success stories of YouTube partners who are making good money from YouTube. You can create a video on literally any subject like giving some tips, teaching yoga and exercising ways, mobiles, gadget, bollywood videos, different places you visit, singling, dancing and anything you think people can like it on YouTube. You will never know what can be a hit on internet or sometime it becomes viral like a ‘Kolavari Di’ or ‘Charlie bit my finger’ or thousands of such examples. You must be surprised to know that the father of the 2 children who created a just 56 sec fun video ‘Charlie bit my finger’ has made more then $2,00,000 just from YouTube from this single video and he is still earning from this. So try to upload more and more good quality video and see how you will grow your earnings in YouTube.make-money-with-youtube-partnerJust go through YouTube partner Qualifications & FAQ before you apply for YouTube partner program from the link on that page. Its a good idea to create a YouTube account first, start uploading the videos in your YouTube channel & once there are hundreds of subscribers to your YouTube channel and thousands of views, you can apply for YouTube partner. How much money can you make from YouTube partner is no guarantee but having a good subscriber base and channel view can make you a very stable income enough to change your lifestyle.

Make Money by Creating a Blog

So if you have created a good YouTube channel and getting thousands of impression, why don’t you create a second source of income from the same videos and even getting more views through Google search engine. By creating a free blog on or self hosted WordPress blogs, you can put all your videos on this blog. Just give some title and description to each video on your blog then see how you are getting more views to your YouTube videos through search engine traffic. You can use these traffic to generate more earnings from Google AdSense, Amazon or even by displaying many products from  various affiliate or partner sites. You can even put a tip jar on your blog by placing a ‘donate button from PayPal’.

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

This technique is for everyone and best for internet marketers. You can become affiliate of hundreds of best affiliate program or network. You will find 2 categories of people in YouTube, one who comes for entertainment and more info and other who is looking for the solutions to his/her problem. The second category of people are for you. Create a solution for them. Try researching with YouTube Keywords Tool and find what people are looking for and what solutions you can provide. You can join the affiliate networks like Clickbank, Amazon, ShareASale etc. where you can find hundreds of thousands of products that can solve the problems of such people who visits YouTube videos to get rid of their problem.
Remember, getting ranked for some keyword is very competitive in search engines but its quite easy to rank in YouTube for such keywords. So either you can insert your affiliate link directly in the description in the beginning and even in your videos. You can even create a squeeze page and use the URL in your YouTube videos instead of affiliate link. Using proper tags, title and description will make sure targeted traffic for your videos. If set properly, this way of doing affiliate marketing can make you much more money then any traditional way.

Make Money By Selling Links

There are millions of YouTube videos you will find, that receives thousands of view daily but the video owner does not have any idea if they can generate any money from their video. If you are one of them and don’t want to utilize other earning methods, this can be proved as one of the simplest method to make money from your YouTube videos. Just a simple line in the description and at the end of the video like ‘”advertise by placing your link in the description or video”. You can ask the customers either to contact you by email OR give the price details so that only the interested customers will contact you for placing the ad link . You can decide how much you want to charge depending on your daily views. Suppose, you are getting around 100 views per day for a video, then you can ask a monthly payment of 10 to 12 dollars depending on the topic of the video. If you have 50 to 100 such videos, you can earn between $500 to $700 a month or more.
There is one good tip if you can utilize. As I said, there are million of videos which are not being utilized for any commercial purpose so if you want to generate money from them, you can make this your part time business to find the customers who want to place their website links on such videos. On the other hand, you search for videos where you don’t find any links in the descriptions so that you can contact them and place the links who give you the approval. The catch is you charge more to the customers and pay less to video owners. How much you will make from such deals deals depends on your negotiation skills.

Make Money with Local Marketing

This one is the gold mine. If you do it professionally, you can make a full time living from this. There are tens of thousands of local business in your area who does not have any online presence. Just contact such businesses and ask them if you can create a video describing their business, products and services and upload them on YouTube to get online presence. Convince them, how this can make an impact on their business. Be it a local restaurant, a saloon, a real estate agent, a marble merchant, a cake shop or any local business owner. Just get out of your home and come to the nearby street and you will find hundreds of such businesses in 1 km circle. You need to be professional here. Contact these business owners and show the advantage of how he can grow his business online and beat their competitor. Just check here the story of one of the guy Saurabh from Mumbai who is making full time earning on YouTube through local marketing. You can earn $2000 to $3000 easily with this way. How much you will charge, monthly, yearly or one time, what strategies to use etc. will come only though experience. So just get in to the business and start making money.


Although I have explained all the possible methods of using YouTube to make money but there might be other methods as well which you can utilize to make money. If you know any of such method, let me know so I can include that in this article. I am eager to know, if you are making any money on YouTube or looking to start earning from any of the method explained above.
I appreciate your comments and let this travel to others though your recommendation so that people can benefit from this.

How To Profit With Forex Income Programs


These are few basic recommendations to choose best forex program and earn handsome amount of forex income.
Be careful of frauds in selecting forex program if you want to earn forex income. Some of the websites try to scam people out of their money. You should stay away from sites that want you to download their software. You will find sites that may take a commission or hidden fees from you. Take your time and do the research and earn profit with forex program which is ideal for you.
Do not hesitate to ask following questions before selecting the forex program for you. Are the basic numbers the only thing I want from the brokers? Do I want to be swamped in different types of data? Will I want to have several types of forex data at different times? You will get the forex program as per your need as answers to these questions.
You will be benefitted by online comparison of best forex program for you. There are numerous website which will compare forex programs for free. The comparison of various forex programs will help you cut through loads of technical phrases and concepts to understand the pros and cons of various forex programs. It does not matter whether you are an expert in forex related matters or not. The comparison shall be done in a very simple manner.
In your want to earn forex income, you should keep an eye on the changes of value in currencies for every minute everyday; follow daily graphs, employment rate, government announcements and elections. There is overflow of information in foreign exchange to deal with. You should not mistake this for laziness, instead it is a sign that you are a wise trader and that you are capable of making utmost forex income with forex programs.
Forex programs are usually available as either desktop based or internet based software. It is beneficially to use internet based programs. These programs will give advantages as installation of product on your computer, minimal maintenance, more data security, software hosted on data-encrypted secure servers and so on. You can check your accounts from anywhere to have a look on your forex income.
You may lose something at initial level in forex trading, which is very common to almost everyone. The sure way to succeed currency markets is to have realistic expectations, handling your emotions, proper use of technology and devise a long-term strategy, manage risk efficiently and win more forex income than you lose anything from your wallet.
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